We picked the ten most protuberant, swollen Meyer gals and rated them in a top ten countdown! Click the tits below and enjoy!



Russ Meyer Photography!

He is the spiritual Father of this blog. No other photographer or movie maker in history has contributed as much to the admiration and glorification of the female form! Claiming the throne as one of the first ever Playboy photographers; Russ also found, photographed, and married the first ever Playboy centerfold – Eve Turner (Meyer)   I now present to you the genre defining photography of Russ Meyer!

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Welcome female appreciaters!

Welcome to the home of the buxom! Here you will find  Russ Meyer movie reviews plus random information all centered around pneumatic buxotics aka the female ! If it involves Russ Meyer or the voluptua, the living pin-up as scorched upon celluloid or the media at large, I’ll blog it! Fall at the feet of the superwoman, the goddess of grandeur and capriciously await the coming attractions!